Financial Training for Business Owners

7 critical KPI’s that every business owner must track

One of the primary reasons that businesses fail is due to a lack of financial and managerial knowledge. Our training programme is built for ambitious business owners who want to maximise their business success to grow a successful, transferable/saleable business.

Is this for me? Discover why businesses fail and how to avoid repeating the mistakes made by others. Find out how achieving systematic growth is a marathon of small incremental improvements that are easy to achieve and which Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to track and how to track them for effective management and short/long term success.

Each week we focus on one of the biggest finance challenges faced by SMEs. Attend them all, or just pick the ones that suit your business, it’s a flexible course that works around you.

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Session 1: TBC

How to grow your business

Discover how small improvements in the Business Growth Drivers quickly compound to deliver outstanding improvements in profit and equity value.

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Session 2: TBC

Business Growth Drivers

Find out how and why focusing on Business Growth Drivers is critical for effective management, growing profitability and increasing equity value.

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Session 3: TBC

Quick Win Cash Strategies

Identify the hidden opportunities for quick win instant cash generation, ROI improvement and cost savings that are just waiting to be exploited in your cost base.

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Session 4: TBC

Improving Cash Flow

Managing cash in your business is like managing oxygen for a human. No oxygen, the patient dies, it’s the same in business, run out of cash and your business is dead.

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Session 5: TBC

Rapid Profits Strategies

Before ramping up sales, it is crucial to ensure margins are optimised because the fastest and the easiest way to increase profit and cash is to optimise gross margins.

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Session 6: TBC

Customer Attrition

How engaged are your existing customers? Maximising engagement and improving customer results in improved retention, increased cross-sales and more referrals.

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Session 7: TBC

Gap Analysis / Cross Selling

Just think, forty percent is the AVERAGE potential increase in sales a business achieves by maximising sales to existing customers.

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Session 8: TBC

Transaction No. and Value

Transactions x Average Transaction Value = Total Sales. These KPI’s are incredibly important because improvement can be quick and easy to implement.

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Session 9: TBC

Customer Acquisition

Having maximised sales and profit from existing customers, what’s the gap left to be filled by lead generation x conversion, and hence new customer acquisition?

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Session 10: TBC

Know Your Number

Some owners keep working far longer than they need to, still more struggle to create enough equity value in their business to live the life they crave – do you know ‘Your Number’?

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Session 11: TBC

Becoming Exit Ready

90% of businesses are unsellable, only 2% sell but less than 5% of those that do sell achieve their asking price. Make sure you can exit on ‘your’ terms and your time scale.

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Session 12: TBC

Performance vs Plan

With all the planning done, prepare your 5 Year 3 Way forecast and regularly report ‘Performance vs Plan’ to systematically grow your business.

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